Carpet and moisture have always been at odds with each other. A spill typically means stopping everything to soak the liquids away before they reach the subfloor. Fortunately, this is beginning to change. Many newer carpet selections offer a completely waterproof build. And by waterproof, we mean it repels water, beverages and even pet accidents. Here, we’ll take a quick look at a few features to consider in waterproof carpet.

Waterproof Fiber Treatments

In recent years, new treatments have emerged to make carpet fibers completely waterproof. Here are a few of the industry leaders:

  • R2X Total Carpet Protection: R2X is a carpet treatment applied during manufacturing. It surrounds individual fibers and repels moisture, rather than allowing it to absorb. So, spills never absorb into the fibers. This makes cleaning much easier and improves the lifetime of the carpet. R2X also repels stains. Again, since spills can’t soak through, they simply remain at the surface.

  • SpillStop®: SpillStop provides a specialty backing that prevents moisture from reaching the subfloor, protecting it from any mold. SpillStop works by keeping liquids sitting on the surface of the carpet’s backing where it can easily be soaked up.

    Waterproof Carpet Backing

    Although waterproof fibers can make cleaning easier, there’s another reason to consider waterproof carpet. When carpet backing absorbs spills, it has to be cleaned immediately. If it isn’t, it can seep through to the subfloor, where it can promote mold and mildew growth.

    Waterproof backing prevents this. Spills remain sitting above the carpet’s surface, even if they aren’t cleaned right away. Since spills never reach the subfloor, waterproof backing can help protect your home from damage over time.


    Although waterproof carpets repel spills, there’s another reason to clean them right away. If certain beverages or pet accidents sit for too long, they can promote bacterial growth. Microban is another treatment designed to prevent this. It creates a hostile environment for microbial growth, keeping carpet cleaner and fresher between cleanings

    Waterproof Carpet Options

    We carry a variety of waterproof flooring options. Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular lines:

    • Effervescent: Effervescent is a unique carpet line that features subtle patterns with contrasting colors. It features the Microban technology. So even if a spill isn’t cleaned right away, there are no concerns about bacterial growth.

    • Zooey: Zooey is designed with pets in mind. In addition to resisting pet accidents, it also helps reduce odors.

  • Simple Comforts – Textures: Our Simple Comforts collection offers lifetime stain and soil resistant properties. It includes the R2X treatment and is available in a variety of colors.

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