Tile & stone floors are a timeless classic. They have been used to adorn homes, castles and banquet halls for centuries. Although they have taken many forms over the years, two types of stone are typically used in modern tile flooring: porcelain and ceramic. On the surface, they may largely look the same. But in their composition, there are important differences.

Technically, all porcelain tiles are ceramic. However, there are enough other types of ceramic tile to merit a distinction. We’ll briefly discuss them here.

Moisture Resistance

Although ceramic tile flooring is common in kitchens and bathrooms, it does have an absorption rate. It’s still lower than many other hard surface options.


One benefit of ceramic tile is that it’s easier for installers to cut. This makes it easier to fit your new floors into a room with odd corners or dimensions.

However, there is a trade-off: ceramic tile is easier to cut because it’s less durable. At the mill, porcelain tiles are fired to significantly hire temperatures than ceramic. This results in a denser build, which improves durability. On average, porcelain tile is about 30% harder than stone.

Outdoor Applications

Stone is natural, so it makes sense that it blends well with the outdoors. That’s why tile & stone floors are popular choices for patios and backyard getaways. However, ceramic tile isn’t actually designed for outdoor use. Its brittle design leaves it susceptible to colder weather, water absorption and storm damage.

Porcelain tile is more resistant to both surface damage and cracks. It is also unaffected by drastic changes in temperature. In fact, many porcelain floors are even rated as frost resistant.


Porcelain and ceramic tile is used to achieve both stone and wood aesthetics. They tend to offer more colors and textures than hardwood flooring. However, ceramic offers the most color options. They also offer a greater range of sizes, allowing ceramic to achieve more unique color and style combinations. Therefore, ceramic is the choice for homeowners considering a more distinct style.

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