Carpet is a timeless classic, so it’s easy to forget how much it has benefited from modern innovations. However, our traditional views of carpet have become outdated; it is now easier to clean, more resistant to wear, and even healthier than ever before. Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about carpet.


For years nylon carpet fibers have been the go-to for optimal durability. While this remains true, because of engineering innovations throughout the years, there are many more options when comparing durability and stain resistance.

In fact, modern carpet is also better designed to resist fading. Solution dyeing is a modern method of actually giving carpet fibers an inherent color, rather than dying the surface of fibers. It allows carpet to maintain its beauty even in areas frequently exposed to sunlight.

It Can Help Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

In the past poor air quality has been attributed to carpet.  With modern selections, however, the opposite is true; a quality carpet choice can actually help clean indoor air. When dust, allergens, and dander eventually settle, they fall to the carpet and become trapped under its fibers. This is in contrast to hard surface flooring, where these particles are constantly kicked back into the air. Then, whenever you vacuum, they are removed completely.

In order to help carpet filter your home’s air, be sure to vacuum at least once per week. Also, consider purchasing a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent fine particles from reentering the air.

Lower Energy Bills

Have you ever rolled out of bed barefoot in the middle of winter? There’s a reason that carpet is a little more comfortable during this experience than hard surface: it acts as an insulator. This is especially true during colder months, but regardless of the season, the R-value (a measurement of thermal resistance) of carpet consistently outperforms that of any hard surface flooring.

Memory Foam Padding

The carpet’s padding is what gives it its soft feel. Now, memory foam padding is available to make carpet even more comfortable. It also improves noise reduction and energy savings even more.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

We’re not just talking about your home’s indoor environment; modern carpet is crafted with eco-friendly practices in mind. Of course, durability means carpet will not have to be replaced as often (though most modern selections are recyclable).

It’s Waterproof

One of carpet’s biggest setbacks has always been its ease of staining and moisture absorption. After all, if spills aren’t cleaned immediately and thoroughly stains are often left behind, and moisture is allowed to seep into the subfloor.

As we’ve discussed before, newer carpet fibers are designed to repel moisture rather than absorb it. Also, modern carpet backing is designed to prevent moisture from soaking through, keeping it just above the surface for easy cleaning.

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