For many people new flooring is an afterthought until it is absolutely needed.  Because of this, it is easy to overlook new advancements in the industry. There are, however several innovations that are worth taking a closer look at.  Some of these innovations include water resistance, enhanced durability, and easy installation.

Water Resistance

The advancement of Nylon Carpet is a great example of innovated flooring.  Newer nylons are designed to completely repel water from soaking into the fibers. Many modern carpet selections also feature a backing that will prevent spills from soaking through to the pad. This makes the spill accessible for an easy cleaning.


Floors arguably take more abuse than any other part of our home’s interior. From high-traffic areas to warping from seasonal changes, there are a number of threats facing our floors. Both homeowners and industry leaders are always looking for new ways to make them last longer. Thankfully, the flooring industry has discovered a few advancements.

With hard surface floors, durability starts at the core and ends with the wear layer. Engineered hardwood flooring features cores, such as the Stabilitek Core, and bonding methods that combine layers of wood to reinforce each plank’s stability and durability.

Tip: Check the Janka Scale Rating to get a better understanding of the density of the hardwood you have selected. The Janka Scale Rating is a measurement of how much force it would take to embed a metal ball halfway into the panels.  This rating starts in the low hundreds and extends well into the thousands.

As for the wear layer, a thin coating of Scuf Resist Platinum (or similar treatment) can help protect the surface from scuffs, scratches, and dents. These treatments are often applied during manufacturing, so check the documentation carefully before purchasing.


Easy installation is what every DIY person looks for.  Floating floors are common among hard surface selections when it comes to easy installation. “Floating” means that nails and glue are not necessary for installation (though some floating floors can be glued if needed). For example, the Fold-n-Tap™ locking system commonly found with vinyl floors makes installation almost as easy as piecing together a puzzle.

An Exciting Look Ahead

The flooring industry is always changing, and a few exciting developments are still in the works.

Magnetic Flooring

What if installing new floors was as easy as arranging magnets on your refrigerator door? That’s the goal with a new magnetic underlayment currently in development. Since the underlayment never has to be replaced, changing your floors is as simple as replacing magnets. In fact, this technology makes it much more practical to arrange your flooring based on trends, season, or even special occasions!