As hardwood floors continue to benefit from new innovations, more features become available. As the list grows, there is more to consider when making an informed decision. In this post, we’ll quickly cover some of the latest features and their benefits.

Hardwood Flooring Finishes

ScufResist Platinum Finish

Our floors take a lot of abuse, so it doesn’t make sense for them to scratch easily. While scuffs and scrapes were common with older hardwood floors, treatments like the ScufResist Platinum Finish are changing this. It covers each plank with a thin but durable coating that resists surface-layer damage. It has been lab-tested with heavy scouring and proven to last longer.

UV Aluminum Oxide

This is the more common finishes found on hardwood floors. It enhances the traditional aluminum oxide finish with a more robust coating. It’s designed to provide decades of protection against scuffs and scratches.

Durashield Finish

Durashield is similar to the UV aluminum oxide finish, but can be applied after installation. Just remember to remove any previous finishes first and clean the floor thoroughly.

Engineered Plank Cores


Engineered hardwood planks feature a layered design that is built around a stable core. This improves the durability of hardwood flooring and extends its lifetime. This is called the ply-core (short for plywood). The ply-core features a layered design of its own and enhances durability, moisture resistance, and integrity.

Stabilitek Core

Shaw Floors has developed its own version of the ply-core. The Stabilitek Core uses proprietary bonding to further strengthen engineered planks. It is specifically designed to resist environmental changes (such as rapid temperature fluctuation) and subfloor moisture.


You may see terms like distressed, sawn-face, or wire-brushed used to describe hardwood floors. These are aesthetic descriptions. Wire brushing a hardwood plank gives it a more rustic and textured look. It also highlights the wood’s natural features. The actual degree of the look can vary, with some planks designed to look heavily worn. Benchmark Hickory is an example of this, while Esquire reflects a more modest wire-brushed look.

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