Carpet isn’t usually a top choice for households with pets. Traditionally, it makes the cleanup of pet accidents more difficult. Plus, accidents that aren’t cleaned immediately are known to cause odors (often from mold growth in the subfloor).

Modern carpet is changing this. Enhanced stain resistance, waterproof backing and durable fibers are just a few of the innovations that make carpet a more pet friendly option. It even rivals many hard surface options (such as solid hardwood). We’ll briefly discuss the features to look for in pet friendly carpet here.

Waterproof Backing

When pets have accidents, we’re not always there to see them right away. Unfortunately, these can seep through the carpet’s backing into the cushion and subfloor. Eventually, this can lead to odors and promote mold or mildew growth. Our brands such as Performance Destination and Color Destination carpets have waterproof backing. 

Newer carpets featuring waterproof backing prevent these problems by keeping accidents from soaking through. No fluids (spills, pet urine or otherwise) ever make it to the carpet cushion or subfloor. Even if spills are not cleaned right away, they remain on the surface where they can be wiped away with ease. 

SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ Fiber

As for the fibers themselves, many are designed to repel stains and fluids. SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ fiber is an industry leader that prevents spills and accidents from soaking into the individual fibers. It also incorporates Nanoloc™, a special treatment that helps Forever Clean™ fiber maintain its stain resistance permanently. It also prevents the carpet from absorbing odors.

Nylon Carpet

A pet friendly choice isn’t just about stain resistance, durability is also important. Nylon has led the way for years as the most durable carpet fabric available. It resists frays, crushing and tears better than any other carpet, even in high traffic areas.

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