Hardwood has always been a prized flooring material, and this appreciation of a beautiful natural material will likely continue well into the future.

Cleveland Carpets and Floors in Griffin, GA, offers a large selection of wood flooring in various lengths and widths, wood species, and colors. At this time, very light and very dark floor coverings are trendy.

Light colors

Maple planks display an even color and subtle, straight wood grain, while birch planks show colors that range from a light red with a touch of brown to pale yellow and wood grain that varies from faint swirls to flame-like designs.

Often, maple floors are covered with a sealant only. Home decor is also elevated with red oak's pinkish hues or white oak's mix of browns and tans.

Dark colors

Many homeowners choose oak hardwood flooring because it is found in many colors, including darker shades of brown and red.

This abundant and sturdy wood stains evenly, too, so the color choice is plentiful. Walnut, with its distinct, bold wood grain, and cherry, with its fine wood grain, are two more dark-colored hardwoods.

Multiple colors

Hickory floors show contrasting light and dark colors, including a unique grain pattern that boasts a range of brown, tan, and red shades.

In addition, this wood flooring is often marked by mineral streaks and knots, so it's often chosen to enhance a country or estate-type ambiance. However, if you want to 'go bold,' multiple-color hardwood flooring may be suitable for your home space. 

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