Carpet is often overlooked due to its ease of staining. Whenever there’s a spill, we feel pressured to stop what we’re doing and scrub it before a stain sets in. Ultimately, it just seems easier to select a hard surface option.

However, this is an outdated view on carpet. Modern selections use innovative features, treatments and engineering processes to overcome this problem. Some carpet selections are considered easier to clean than many hard surface options! Here, we’ll discuss a few features that make modern carpet more stain resistant than ever.

Carpet Treatments

There was a time when homeowners would shy away from carpet treatment solutions as they often left a sticky residue (or would noticeably harden the fibers). Fortunately, these concerns are no longer the case. The following treatments provide superior protection without degrading the carpet’s comfort.

Polypropylene: The original carpet treatment, polypropylene helped set the standard for modern carpet treatments.

R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance: R2X®is an industry-leading treatment applied directly to carpet yarns (not just the surface). It repels spills and dirt from absorbing into the carpet’s fiber, allowing them to be easily wiped away. The protection lasts, so spills that aren’t cleaned immediately won’t stain later. It’s included in a variety of styles under our Destination Performance selections.

An additional benefit: R2X can improve the overall durability of carpet.

Scotchgard™: Scotchgard™ is another carpet treatment that is especially effective at repelling pet stains. Like R2X®, it surrounds and protects each fiber strand. Unlike R2X®, it doesn’t have to be applied during manufacturing (though it often is). In fact, DIY kits are available with easy instructions.

Carpet Fabric

Nylon carpet has stood the test of time as the most stain-resistant option. This is one of several reasons that it remains the most popular selection. In recent years, a new take on nylon, known has Anso Nylon, has improved its stain resistance even further.

Polyester carpet is another stain resistant option that’s often more affordable that nylon. Also like nylon, its color is designed to last. So even after repeated spills and cleaning, the color still won’t fade over time.

The key to preventing fading is using a solution dyed fiber. These carpets actually have the color built into them during manufacturing, rather than having it added afterwards. So the full vibrancy of the color remains even after cleaning particularly tough stains. We carry a variety of solution-dyed selections at Cleveland Carpets.

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