It's time to re-stretch your carpet when it bunches around the room's perimeter or in other spots with frequent foot traffic. It's more than a safety hazard since bunched carpeting wears poorly and may be a sign of a bigger problem.

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When to re-stretch your carpet

Your carpeting does not need to be noticeably wrinkled to require re-stretching, and in fact, it will maintain the best fit and have the most extended lifespan if this process is done about every five years.

This is because normal wear and tear causes the material to relax over time. Also, remember that cleaning is easier and more effective when it is taut.

What to expect

When the carpet in your home is re-stretched, you can expect it to be returned to its original form or flat on the floor. Minor rips and tears are repaired, and if the layers that make up this flooring have separated in a small area, a repair is made.

However, it's always possible that padding has become worn, and if this is the case, it must be replaced before it is re-stretched.

The process

A power stretcher is used for this job, and a knee kicker is used if there are tight areas where it won't fit. The carpet is pulled tighter for simple jobs and re-fastened to the tack strips found along the room's perimeter.

It's a good idea to vacuum before installers arrive to minimize the dust and allergens that become airborne.

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