You may have decided to install hardwood floors. After all, they're classic, add warmth and charm to any room– and you just got a little taste with laminate wood flooring.

Now you've decided to go with genuine hardwood flooring. But will you need to rip up the laminate or install it over it?

The answer is it depends. 

Only a professional should make that determination

Installing hardwood flooring over laminate depends on factors such as:

  1. Type of hardwood, i.e., solid or engineered? 
  2. Potential height issues. Will doors open and close easily? Will some overhangs create tripping hazards? 
  3. Subfloor condition.

About solid hardwood floors

This hardwood flooring is permanently installed with a traditional tongue and groove/nail down. Unfortunately, it needs a stable surface to nail–and laminate backing isn’t suitable.

There will also most likely be height issues. Laminate comes in a range of thicknesses so that the hardwood may be thicker. 

Laminate floors are usually installed to float. That makes it very easy to pick up the pieces and remove them.  

When you come into our showroom, you'll see a large assortment of species in all shades and with various textures. Learn more in our showroom when shopping for wood flooring in Griffin, GA.

About engineered wood floors

Only the construction is different. That makes engineered wood more stable, better able to handle water, and able to be installed with several techniques.

This can be installed as a floating floor. Any subfloor is acceptable if it's clean, dry, and level. Underlayments are typically recommended.

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At Cleveland Carpets and Floors, we know the beauty of hardwood flooring. And installation is as necessary as the product. So, do everything possible to make your floor stay gorgeous and perform well for a long time.

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