Modern luxury vinyl flooring has more to offer in terms of style, durability and versatility. It is also becoming the go-to alternative for solid hardwood. Here, we’ll take a quick look at why you should consider luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for your next flooring purchase.

Style and Design

When vinyl floors first came to the market, they often looked like cheap alternatives to hardwood. Now, the aesthetics of luxury vinyl flooring are nearly indistinguishable from wood planks. We are also seeing more options match the aesthetics of tile & stone (LVT). Even better, luxury vinyl offers more color options than its natural counterparts.

But it’s about more than looks. Newer vinyl flooring can even match the texture of solid hardwood planks. This provides an actual feel the floor, providing even more realistic visuals. Some floors, also include realistic scrapes for a rustic look.

Luxury Vinyl is Affordable

You may be wondering, “if it looks and feels just like hardwood or stone, why not choose the real thing?”. The answer is cost. LVT and LVP are among the the most affordable hard surface flooring options. This includes the initial cost, maintenance and longevity of the flooring. Luxury vinyl is also a floating floor, meaning that it uses one of the easiest (and most affordable) installation methods. In fact, some vinyl flooring can be installed with no previous experience necessary.

Easy to Maintain

Luxury vinyl is also one of the easiest flooring selections to maintain. There’s no need to purchase expensive chemicals or hire a professional cleaner every year. Just remember to sweep daily and mop weekly. Use a simple cleaning solution marked for vinyl floors when mopping.

Durability and Moisture Resistance

Vinyl floors were once susceptible to damage if spills weren’t cleaned right away. Newer innovations in luxury vinyl have changed this. The Fold-n-Tap™ locking system offers superior protection against spills and pet accidents. It also protects against scrapes, scratches and dents. Unlike hardwood and ceramic stone, luxury vinyl floors do not absorb moisture.

Since these floors use float installation, they can be installed over a waterproof membrane. This provides full waterproof protection for the subfloor.

Tip: If longevity is important, consider floors with a high AC rating. This is a direct measure of the its durability and resilience.

Increased Home Value

Given the many benefits of luxury vinyl flooring, the next one is no surprise: it can help increase your home’s value. After all, it’s hard to beat a stylish option that’s designed to last. There’s still some debate over whether it’ll increase your home’s value as much as hardwood flooring. But, for the initial cost, LVP and LVT are still the more affordable (and higher performing) choice.

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