2020 will set the foundation for the style of an entire decade, and the world of interior design is already setting the stage. Hardwood flooring remains a timeless choice, but it’s already sparked a few unique styles of its own. Here, we’ll quickly discuss the latest hardwood flooring trends taking 2020 and the next decade by storm.

A Cool Start to the New Year

Last year, we saw the extremes at the light and dark ends of the color spectrum take off. However, we’re now seeing a preference for very light tones among hardwood floors. Darker colors are on their way out, making way for lighter, natural aesthetics. Cool tones are gaining popularity, and set a nice foundation for decor of any style. Whitewashed, light gray, and blonde shades are trending especially well.  These colors draw inspiration from coastal homes. So, it’s probably no surprise that they invoke a relaxed feel. They also make rooms appear visually larger.

Variegated Wood Floors

Lighter colors may be trending, but there’s still room for variety. While seamless planks are rare, some manufacturers (and interior design) are taking variegated hardwood flooring even further. Natural elements, such as knots, scratches, and wood patterns, have become less uniform between planks. However, variations in tones and colors are also gaining popularity.

Wood Planks with Character

The distressed, wire brushed and hand scraped aesthetics have been popular for a few years now, and that trend is set to continue in 2020. These accents provide a personalized-touch that offers a distinguished look.


Another trend is set to give the distressed look more prominence: textures. Homeowners and interior designers want more depth in their floors. Textures add dramatic details and compliment existing patterns. However, dirt and grime can collect between the ridges of textures, making them more difficult to clean.

Beyond Aesthetics: American Made

There’s another growing trend that goes beyond looks and style. Consumers are increasingly searching for American-made products. This is especially true for hardwood flooring, where homeowners are searching both for floors built in the United States and species that are native to our country. Oak is especially popular, since it is both domestic and light in color.

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